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Our service covered oil industry and heavy equipment industry initially and gradually grown up over the years and now covering almost all countries in GCC.

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Do you have some questions why to choose Al Nemer Road transport as your transporting service partner? Find our answers not just to convince you, but to promise you and to expose us to you.

Al Nemer Road Transport for heavy machineries offer services to transport heavy and giant sized industrial machineries, construction equipment, construction structures, industrial elevators and escalators, commercial equipment and all type of heavy equipment and machineries.

We Recommend the following:
  • Construction machineries
  • Industrial Containers & Boilers
  • Loaders & Dozers
  • Printing Machines
  • Lifts
  • Steel and Aluminium industry machines
  • Foundry Machines
  • Lathe & Welding Machines

All construction machines like Wheel Loaders, Loader Backhoes, Dozers, Skid Steers, Crawler Loaders, Graders, Cranes, Compactors, Excavators, Asphalt Paving, Compressors, Off Highway Trucks, Generators, Forklifts, Pumps, Lifts, Trenchers and Boring Machines are also can be handled and transported by Al Nemer Road transport services from all parts of UAE to every where in GCC.

Oil and Gas transport services are the most complicated process in our transporting activities. Our fleets are certified vessels to carry the hazardous petroleum products and other supplies to oil & gas field. Apart from oil and gas industry Al Nemer Road Transport offers the services to other chemical industry also.

We Recommend the following:
  • Transporting raw petroleum crude oil
  • Petroleum refinery products
  • Refined petrol and diesel
  • Refined gas

All kind of chemicals transport based on the nature of the chemical or product, we have the perfect fleet for the perfect transportation.

Al Nemer transport handles food transportation also. Book your shipping with Al Nemer road transport and just stay cool on all kinds of dry food transport requirements. If required, Al Nemer will provide you the refrigerated containers for transporting some special kind of dry foods.

We Recommend the following:
  • Transportation of dry foods like Pasta
  • Transportation of spices

Transporting drinking water and bottled mineral water is another kind of specialty service in Al Nemer Road Transport. We transport many branded bottled water from Al Ain, Masafi and many locations from UAE to all GCC countries with our special fleet of water transportation vehicles. For water transportation we have refrigerated and non refrigerated vehicles depends on the client’s requirement.

For construction companies and industries, we extended our service to transport the scaffolding structures and scaffolding items.

We Recommend the following:
  • Transportation to the big construction building sites,
  • Transportation to the bridge construction sites

Depends on the volume of the scaffolding transportation, Al Nemer Road transport provides the required suitable vehicle for delivering the items.

Al Nemer Transport also works with Steel, Aluminum and Iron metal industry to transport their needs. Steel bars, Aluminium bars, Iron sheets and bars and raw metal blocks can be transported with this facility

We Recommend the following:
  • Transporting final product from steel
  • Transporting product from aluminum and Iron industry

Please call our service consultant to assist you more in this service.

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Al Nemer Road Transport, Founded by Ahmed El Gohary in the year of 2000 and started its services to its client all over UAE by its own fleet of vehicles. Our service covered oil industry and heavy equipment industry initially and gradually grown up over the years and now covering almost all countries in GCC

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