Frequently Ask Questions

In Al Nemer road transport services, we give many facilities to our clients on their needs. Find the frequently asked questions on our services.

Al Nemer transport has the facility to transport hazardous materials?

Yes. We do transport hazardous materials like petroleum crude oil, petrol, diesel and other petroleum products and chemicals also. For this we have special standard of safety measures and special fleets.

How can I utilize your services to transport my machinery from one location to other location?

Al Nemer Transport provides all kind of transporting services to heavy machinery. You can use our services by booking a fleet for your required service on your preferred date and time. If you want more details and assistance you can contact our sales representative at 00971 6 7442079 or write to us on

How can I transport my heavy equipment to Bahrain for a temporary usage, and transport back to UAE after completion of the project?

Keep your equipment ready for transport and call our sales representative or book your shipping from Al Nemer Transport. We will pick your good from your location and will transfer to the destination. For a temporary purpose, we need to have the customs cleared with special documents and special permit. After completion of the project you can do the same practice again to bring your equipment back to UAE.

How much it will cost for me to transport machinery?

The cost, of course will be the best in the transport industry you will get, but still, we cannot decide right now. We need to have more information on the shipping. We need the specifications of the machinery, packing details, size, weight, origin location, destination location and date for submitting our estimation on your shipping.


What are the documents required for transporting trading goods to other countries?

All original trading documents required for the shipping required by the official government bodies in the customs, with complete information about the consigner and consignee.

Al Nemer Transport will do customs clearance also?

Yes. We have special officers to support you in getting the clearance for your goods from customs.

Which countries are Al Nemer Transport has services to?

Al Nemer serves to GCC countries UAE, Bahrain, KSA, Oman and Kuwait.

Can I book a shipment for today?

You can book a shipment for the same day of your shipping. But the non availability may cause some delay in arranging the shipping on the same day.

Do you have any pre booking system for my shipping?

Yes. We do have pre booking system for your shipping. It is a good practice to book you shipping early so that both you and we will be having enough time to prepare the other supporting activities or documents. To book a shipping, please call our sales representative 00971 6 7442079 or write to us on


How can I a book a shipment from Bahrain to Dubai?

No worries. Either you have to ship from UAE or to UAE. Just call our sales representative 00971 6 7442079 or write to us on to book your shipping. We have the services to and fro UAE.